About Us

We’re a small bookseller in Chattanooga, TN with a collection centered mostly in the early and mid 20th century. We hope one day to expand into a brick and mortar location and hire some employees, but until then we’re not actually plural—it’s just me, Matt Roehrich. I’ve decided to get a jump on the dream of opening a bookshop in my old age by opening one now, in my increasingly middle age. 


I love books—as repositories of knowledge, stories, arguments, jokes, the whole of human experience between two covers, but also as physical objects: durable, rare, beautiful, collectible, accessible. You’ll find books covering a wide range of subjects here, and in bindings and editions for every reader--some of them are rare first editions for serious collectors, others are mass market paperbacks with whimsical and compelling covers for everyday, all of them are worth (gently!) cracking open and reading. 


The inventory on this site is growing daily and represents only a fraction of my total collection numbering in the tens of thousands. I would love to hear from readers of all stripes about what kinds of books you’re interested in reading and collecting as I develop my inventory. I am working to be a fair, reliable, and trustworthy book seller, and most importantly, I am working to be your bookseller: a place online you can come to build your own personal library with fairly priced and safely shipped used, rare, and collectible books.